Take Family Dollar Survey 2020 At Www.Ratefd.Com | Daily Win $1000 Gifts

Take Family Dollar Survey 2020 At Www.Ratefd.Com | Daily Win $1000 Gifts

Go through the official Family Dollar survey requirements, rules, and know-how to take the survey at www.ratefd.com. In this article, you’ll get to know the steps by step process in the simplest possible way. Keep reading to be able to complete the survey within a few minutes and win $1000 daily gifts.

Why the family Dollar survey:

The owner of the company wants to grow the company continuously and provide the best services compared to its competitors. Help the company to improve customer service, price, and product quality. The online survey gives a reward to win $1,000 prize daily in cash. You can be the winner instantly or enter a sweepstakes survey.

About Family dollar:

The American variety store chain started in 1959. Founded by Leon Levine when he was only  21 years old. Now the store has grown to more than 8,000 locations in every state excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

The founder of the store was inspired by the idea of getting everything under $1 when he visited a store in Kentucky.  He found this idea innovative and implemented to start the Family Dollar. But he made innovation with the idea that he increased the price to $2 instead of $1.

He had to increase the price to meet the supply and demand of the people. Moreover, the store kept growing that now it has higher-priced electronics and phone plan products.

The store made its share public in 1970. The shares of the Family dollar traded at $14.50 per share. Later, in 2014, the Dollar tree purchased for a substantial amount of $8.5 billion.

The Family Dollar survey prize:

The multi-purpose chain store introduces Ratefd survey for its customers and non-customers the same opportunity to win a $1,000 prize.

You can win one prize per day. You can win any of the cash value, either USD 1,000, CAD 1,000, £1,000, DKK 8000, or €1,000.

The winner will receive the prize money via check or money order.

www.ratefd.com Survey homepage:

The landing page of the survey displays an orange and red lettering set with a white background.  You have to select the language


Family Dollar Survey details:

  • Purchase is not necessary to participate in the survey
  • Enter once per day
  • Prize limit one per day
  • Minimum age restriction 18, 20 in Korea
  • Eligibility criteria: residents of the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Republic of Korea, Honduras and district of Colombia


Rules of ratefd.com survey:

  • Affiliates and sibling of the Family dollar cannot take the survey
  • You cannot transfer the prize to anyone
  • The taxes are responsibility the winner
  • You are not required to purchase to take the survey
  • More than the mentioned limit of entries will not be entertained
  • One prize will be awarded to the winner per day per person once in 3 months

How to take www.ratefd.com survey:

First, note that you don’t need to purchase to enter the survey.  There are two modes of entry i-e online entry or mail-in the method.

Online entry:

In the online entry mode, you need to purchase at Family dollar and save the receipt.

  • Purchase at the store Family dollar
  • Make sure to hold on the purchase receipt
  • Visit the official survey site ratefd.com
  • Make sure to answer all the questions in the survey
  • Now you’re added into sweepstakes survey

Mail-in entry mode:

You have to write a mail to submit an entry at the family dollar survey. You don’t need to purchase from a store in this mode of taking the survey.

  • Take a paper and write Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize”.
  • Mention your name, email, and contact details and mail the paper with postage to the address

New York:

[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry


c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]

511 Avenue of the Americas, #40

New York, NY

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

L5N 2X4

Family Dollar Survey important links:

Family Dollar satisfaction survey link: http://www.tellfd.com/

Official webpage of the Family dollar: http://www.familydollar.com/

Contact Family dollar:

Contact through phone at : 1 (866) 377-6420

Write mail at the address Executive Offices Post Office Box 1017 Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-101

Also, contact online at https://www.familydollar.com/corporate/our-company/contactus

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